Amber Gould

Amber is dynamic creative dedicated to channeling and giving form to the conscious feminine. Amber utilizes the Intentional Creativity™ modailty in the creation of her paintings and is currently an Intentional Creativity teacher-in-training, offering powerful creative experiences to folks in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

Intentional Creativity™ invites people to work with art and inquiry  intentionally as a way to become more consciously-aware of what the soul is wanting to communicate. This is about ACCESS - opening the awareness to new information, new ideas, and new ways of being that come as a message or insight from the created image.

Having practiced Intentional Creativity™ for many years, Amber has experienced this as one of the most effective mediums for transforming old stories into dynamic possibilities and staying current with one's own personal story and sense of self.

For more information please contact her via e-mail.

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