Angela Muellers 

Angela is a full time artist and educator. She has been a resident of Squamish for 20 years  and spends time in the wilderness climbing and skiing.

Angela’s began painting as a child with inspiration from her grandfather. As a teenager she made her first trip to Europe and went to Art museums with her grandfather. Painting has always been her north star and place of joy and discovery.

Angela’s landscape paintings are created from inspiration gathered during many days spent wandering in various mountain wildernesses, including the local mountain valley where she lives. Every day produces some new wonder with seasonal changes and the ever-shifting light conditions. Angela states that “When painting landscapes I attempt to go deep into the work and create many layers of space, light and form.”

Angela has spent over ten years of full time study at three private art academies. She is also an educator and has a small private school in Brackendale teaching the French Academic Method of drawing and painting.

For more information, please visit Angela's website, Instagram or contact her via e-mail.

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