Squamish ArtWalk 2017

September 1-30

  1. Where the ArtWalk will take place?
     - ArtWalk 2017 will be a month-long public fine art exhibition, showcasing established and emerging artists throughout Squamish in local businesses and galleries.

  2. What Time Is Art Walk?- There will be no set hours for the ArtWalk as different venues and studios will operate according to their usual open hours. All details will be on the interactive and printed version of the ArtWalk map.

  3. Where Can I Get A Map?
    - Map will be uploaded to VISUALS and SAC websites, printed out and distributed at the Squamish Adventure Centre and Foyer Gallery.

  4. Do I get to choose my venue and where my works are shown?
    - Submitted pictures of all the artists will be anonymously presented to venues, but if you have established relationship and want to preliminary secure the spot with the venue owners during the ArtWalk, you have a green light from our side. Please inform Elena Whitman, if you have any agreements with venues and make sure that the venue is registered.

  5. Do I have to choose from the listed venues or can I partner up with a venue not signed up for ArtWalk? 
    - We welcome new venues and artist are free to bring new spots to the ArtWalk. Please make sure, that venues you have partnered filled in the Venue Registration form.

  6. Do I have to have my studio open the whole month of September during ArtWalk? 
    - You can set any schedule for your studio. You can have it open every Saturday during certain hours or just go for "visit by appointment".

  7. When filling out the application, do my photos have to be of completed works? Do my photos have to be of work that I am planning on showing in ArtWalk?
    - You can summit any pictures of your artworks, not necessary the ones that you will have for sale. Pictures are collected to be presented to the venues and get them the idea of your artistic style. 

  8. Do I have to submit new artwork?
    - It is totally up to the artist to choose their artworks. It can be new pieces, or something that may be was waiting for a while to be shown.

  9. Are there restrictions on the type and content of art that I can show?
    - Squamish ArtWalk welcomes all art mediums, there are no limitation in terms of content. However all artwork son must contain socially responsible subject matter. The artwork must not promote hatred, violence or pornography. Artwork considered in violation of this requirement will not be allowed as part of the Squamish ArtWalk.

  10. I want to show in ArtWalk, but what if I won't be here to hang works in September? 
    - Artist are to inform ArtWalk organisers if they will not be physically present in Squamish during September. Please note, that artist are responsible for the sales of their artworks. Venues might assist you with sales, but they are not obliged to.

Don't see the answer to your question please send an e-mail to Elena Whitman.

Frequently Asked Questions

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