Ben Poechman

Benjamin Jacob Poechman grew up in a family of eight on an organic egg farm in the foothills of southern Ontario. With big mountain dreams and a passion for snowboarding he graduated high school and did not pass Go, did not collect $200, but headed straight to Whistler, BC. 

Growing up on the family farm instilled a deeply rooted philosophy of creating a lifestyle that inhibits growth and fosters community. After five years of working seasonally to fund his adventurous winter pursuits, he began to search for a better balance. He vowed to leave his landscaping job behind and explore a more fulfilling purpose. 

His first discovery after escaping the hamster wheel of seasonal employment was a stone carving studio in Whistler. He began creating inukshuks for an art gallery over the summer, which led to full time employment and eventually the skills he needed to create pieces harvested from his own imaginations. He realized he had the ability to hold a vision in his mind and project it into something tangible. 

The miracle of creative expression consumed him that first year, as he began to experiment and explore new outlets and avenues to convey his dreams and inspirations. He first started painting water colours for birthday gifts and random acts of kindness for friends and family. Ben soon realized how much he enjoyed giving a gift that he had created. Ever since he has created space between stone carving, and snowboarding to tune the world out and create his own two dimensional place to share. 

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