Chloe Lee Rowlands

For the past three years, Chloe Lee Rowlands has been a student and an artist here in Squamish, British Columbia. Originally from Oakland, California, she grew up being inspired by the bold perspectives and bold artists that hail from the San Francisco Bay Area. 


From the graphic styles of street artists in and around her California home to the huge variety of styles and stories that she witnessed— and worked close with— in her three years working for the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, her own art has grown into a style defined by bold colors, fluid shapes, and subject material that centers human stories. 


While Chloe covers a wide range of imagery in her artwork, the most common feature amongst her portfolio is the presence of people— in part and whole. Whether it is floating hands circling one another or engaging experiences of play, eyes that are tired or intensely alive, or full portraits, the human voice is ever present and ever in conversation.


Digital art allows for the creation of work that is organic, fluid, and never stagnant. Although it is created using digital media, Chloe prints her work, so that it takes a physical form like that of the work she grew up experiencing in museums and galleries. She will often revisit previous work and use it to create a starting point from which she can grow and expand in order to always be creating new work, but have it build from the old— moving forward from where she has been before. 

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