Chris Bennett

Chris was born in England and did an Art Foundation year at the Manchester School of Art before completing 7 years of Architecture at Manchester Metropolitan University.He has enjoyed an exciting career as an Architect, working on a diverse range of projects in Europe, Canada and the Middle East. 


He has been a painter since he was a child, finding time to paint alongside his career and busy family life.


He is also an experienced hiker and have explored trails all over the world with his wife Jenny, enjoying the unique landscapes of the countries they visited. 


Both of them moved to Squamish (BC, Canada) in 2016 to be near their children and grandchildren. They go out hiking in the magnificent local mountains at least once a week and he take photographs and sketches his observations. He paints from his home studio, working in oils and watercolours.

For more information please check his website, Instagram or contact him via e-mail.

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