Valentina Pinzon and Paola Perdomo

Co-founders of Colombian IndiArts ltd. Valentina and Paola are originally from Colombia but have been living in Canada since 2008. They started with their company in November of 2016 motivated by their want to give back to their homeland, passion for indigenous culture, art, history, and the environment. They were inspired by the First Nations people of Canada which have succeeded in sharing their culture and they dream for Colombia’s indigenous people to gain recognition!


IndiArts sells handmade, authentic, unique and high quality purses and accessories decorated with native art designs handmade by Colombian indigenous artisans. They design some of their products and these are made by artisans in a small family business in Colombia; however, some of their products are entirely made by indigenous artisans. Also, the company IndiArts works with buys the indigenous art that decorates their products directly from artisans of indigenous communities.The authenticity of the indigenous art remains unaltered in each product and due to its unique artistic decoration, each product is one of a kind.

For more information please visit Colombian IndiArts’s website or connect with them through Facebook or Instagram under colombianindiarts. You can also contact them via e-mail.

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