Dalia Shehata

Dalia Shehata is a fine arts graduate of the renowned University of Fine Arts in Cairo, Egypt, Shehata worked in the digital arts industry for over a decade before moving to Canada with her husband and two girls. Shehata has recently taken back to painting, a slow comeback from motherhood, she started playing with new techniques and fell in love with acrylic pouring. Her first preferred medium was soft pastel but now she continues to exuberantly experiment with acrylics and pouring mediums where there are abundant possibilities to learn and play. Shehata admits that she is a bit of a science geek and loves the way this technique promotes play and manipulation, developing a unique look that combines pouring, painting and fine line art.


Contrary to frequent artist revelations, Shehata is NOT inspired by the mountains and the splendor around our area's landscape. She is inspired by the community, the people and the sense of belonging when she paints. She is always inspired by where she lives. She was inspired by the filthy streets of Cairo, the people of Oman, and now the wonderful beauty of Squamish!


Shehata believes that anyone can be an artist and  is passionate about teaching art and making art accessible to everyone, young and old.  In 2016, together with her husband, Marcus Monopoli, they founded Happimess, an art-inspired sensory play space – the first of its kind in Canada. 

For more information please visit Dalia's website, FacebookInstagram or contact her via e-mail.

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