Dawna Werbeski

Dawna is best known for her larger canvases featuring the details of twisted trees and mountain rock pathways. However, her ongoing collection of artwork encompasses far more eclectic subject matter and media.


Creations range from traditional applications of acrylic paint and shift through a spectrum of combinations incorporating reactive resins on various surfaces including glass. Fun colourful translucent images of seaweed bobbing, whimsical tree lines, and leaded glass-like pieces add a splash of dazzling sun rays to windowsills or frames.

Her current creative intentions are laid out on cradled hardboard canvases. They feature glorious resin reactions representing slices of dramatic skies with deep rough seas, aerial views of waves washing ocean beaches and earth’s geographic mottling. Some of her works are smaller canvas groupings that can be reorganized in various combinations to essentially create a new piece when the mood strikes.

For more information please check Dawna's website or contact her via e-mail.

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