Dee-Ann LeBlanc

Dee-Ann LeBlanc was born in 1970 in Flushing, New York. She has lived in various parts of the United States, and has lived in British Columbia, Canada since 1994, currently residing in Squamish, BC. She currently divides her time between being an editor and her art.

An emerging artist, Dee-Ann broadened her skills through a certificate in Fine Art Techniques through Emily Carr Art + Design. Studying drawing, painting, and sculpting kick-started her practice toward where it stands today. She works in a variety of media and disciplines, including acrylic mixed media painting and digital art. Her digital patterns begin with small pieces of her paintings, and then evolve into independent works of their own. From there, these patterns lead to more patterns, and any creatures she spots within the patterns are pulled out to live in their own works.

This cascade of creativity is addictive, especially as it ties into Dee-Ann’s preference to begin her work through a subconscious process. As a chronic overthinker, doing so is her best way to avoid blank canvas syndrome, and she loves seeing the results. Since these patterns contain small details and brush strokes from the original painting, they offer a depth that draws people in for a closer look, hopefully evoking a sense of wonder as they spot images in the overall pattern or creatures hidden within.

For more information visit Dee-Ann's website, Instagram of contact her via e-mail.

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