Dyan Dos Santos

Memora Monto translates to Mindful Mountain in Esperanto. It is the work of Dyan Dos Santos. Dyan lives and breathes the Pacific North West, residing in Squamish BC. She derives her inspiration from the Sea to Sky Corridor.


Dyan is a single Mother to a boy and a dog. She can be found exploring trails, mountains, and river beds with her family in tow. She is drawn to natural minerals and gems such as Turquoise and Black Tourmaline as they are thought of as the premier talisman of protection worn by warriors and Shamans alike. Dyan is a Journeyman Red Seal Welder, and a self taught Silversmith with an eye for unique minimalist adornments. 

All Memora Monto pieces are made with recycled sterling silver or fine silver. If worn regularly the oils from your skin will keep them tarnish free. Keep them away from cleaning products, when not worn itʼs best to store your pieces in an airtight container.

For more information please visit Dyan's Instagram or contact her via e-mail.

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