Heidi Bachert-Burke

Heidi Bachert-Burke was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1965.  She and her family moved to Squamish, British Columbia, in 2015.  Heidi typically works with acrylics on canvas.  Occasionally, she uses oils and when she does, she often foregoes the paint brush and uses her fingers to move around the paint. 


Heidi’s works are not limited to paintings; she also enjoys creating small and large scale installations with wood and concrete.  Inspiration can pop up at any time and in any place; she is always looking, absorbing, taking it all in.  Heidi has never taken a formal art class and has never really considered herself an artist.  She has always enjoyed art and creating pieces for her home. Although she has many influences, she paints and creates art because she enjoys it and it excites her. 

For more information please  visit Heidi's website or contact her via e-mail.

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