Irina Prodan

Irina is Vancouver-Squamish based painter. Born in Ukraine and grew up in Belarus and immigrated to Vancouver in 1995.


After building her teaching career and raising her family, Irina was inspired to change her vocation to the creative arts. The beauty of the West Coast, its vibrant landscapes and seascapes ignited her desire to paint and explore the world of colours. 


In 2010, Irina received a Certificate in Fine Art Techniques from Emily Carr University of Art and Design and soon became active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver.


Irina enjoys painting the beauty of surrounding nature in acrylic and watercolour, exploring dynamics of colours, light, value and mood. Her paintings give viewers a sense of delight and appreciation for vibrant environment we live in.

For more information please visit Irina's website, Facebook, Instagram or contact her via e-mail.

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