Jeannie Hnytka

Jeannie Hnytka, a resident of Squamish and Yelapa, Mexico, began making brooms four years ago with natural fibers and wood.  Pushed by curiosity, she was spontaneously trained by some of Mexico’s elders on the coast and in the mountains near Puerto Vallarta in some of the basics and thereafter, self –taught by the muses.

She has created brooms within the limits of rigidity and flexibility of many natural fibers  (sorghum, palm ribs, grass roots, pine needles, cactus fibers) to be useful as both art and functional pieces.

 She is now experimenting with new materials here in B.C, some of which have been used throughout history by various cultures (eg. Scotch Broom, cedar bark) and adapting new uses for known plant materials (flax straw, heathers, pine needles, eel grass, cat’s tail, etc.).  She produces kitchen brooms,  cob-webbers, yard brooms, chimney brooms,  spirit brooms, whisks, bath brushes, kitchen brushes, artist’s brushes and is open to creating on demand for individual uses.

Trained in appreciation by nature of its beauty, and by the spirits to listen to their call, and in biology to begin to question “why”, she has lived always where she could be moulded – the woods and farmlands of Manitoba, the foothills and mountains of Alberta, the mountains, lakes and pine forests north of Pemberton.

In mastering some of the technical skills, she now is where the materials used are pushing the creation of the brooms as art. She would love to teach any budding broom aficionados, and would be happy to talk about any ideas to create and materials possible to work with.


For more information please contact Jeannie via e-mail.

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