Karen Yaremkewich


Textile artist Karen Yaremkewich creates contemporary one-of-a-kind, handmade wearable art and eco-friendly home decor. She breathes new life into locally sourced reclaimed fabric waste and thriftshop finds.

Born and raised in Squamish, British Columbia on the beautiful West Coast of Canada, Karen comes from generations of makers; and daughter of the late Hedi Knudsen who was a well known local textile artist, weaver, spinner and knitter. Both Karen’s grandmothers were dressmakers and seamstresses who raised their families in the thirties and forties in Europe. Upcycling wasn’t a coined term then, but it would describe exactly what they did as their way of life. Old things were taken apart and sewn into something new again. 

For more information please check Karen's  Facebook, Etsy, Instagram or contact her via e-mail.


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