Kay Austen

Kay Austen is a contemporary  B.C. West Coast potter. She specialises in wheel thrown and hand built high fired functional ware and low fired decorative and sculptural pieces.

Kay Austen’s career as a potter began quite a long time ago in the U.K. when she took a foundation course at Medway College. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts, specializing in Ceramics at Wolverhampton University. Forms in nature and historical ceramics have always been the focus of Kay’s artistic interest. Kay works predominantly with a white porcelainous stoneware, which is thrown on the potter’s wheel or hand built. Strong traditional forms are altered through  subtle and delicate ways while the clay is still wet, or radically changed by cutting  and reassembling when the clay is dryer. Surface decoration and the use of overlapping glazes of a variety of surfaces and textures endow each piece with rhythm and  depth.  Functional pieces are fired in a gas kiln to 1300 degrees centigrade, making them oven, freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Kay’s non functional and decorative pieces range from large Raku fired wall pieces to Saggar fired vessels; from rugged outdoors lanterns to whimsical one of a kind candle holders.

For more information please check Kay's website and Facebook.

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