Kendra Hicks

Kendra’s paintings express the feeling of being captivated and utterly mesmerized by the magic of the mountains. Kendra draws inspiration from all of her mountain adventures. Whether she’s skiing deep powder or climbing granite faces, she’s influenced by the feelings brought on by adventurous moments. She finds herself constantly inspired by the pure beauty of the landscapes she explores.

From an early age, the mountains became Kendra’s biggest love and passion. She’s incessantly inspired for the next adventure. A mountain girl through and through, she’s ski toured and climbed all over Western Canada, and works as a guide in both the summer and the winter.

Kendra is a self-taught artist. After buying a small collection of paint, one brush, and a sketch book in the Summer of 2015, she immediately became hooked and hasn’t looked back. All of her paintings are acrylic on Canvas and they’re all of mountains.


For more information please visit her website, Instagram or contact her via e-mail.

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