Kim Sawula

Kim Sawula was born in Canada in the prairies, where the winters are long, cold and snowy, and the ground is flat as far as the eye can see. The sky overhead stretches from one horizon to the other in a sea of clouds and color. In the prairies everything is immense and enduring. She moved West and is surrounded by new landscapes with moss covered cliffs and the tallest trees she has ever seen that stretch from the ground and disappear up in the sky. The opposition between these places is clear but she prefers their similarities; found in the connection between the elements within each space.


Details like the network of veins on the underside of a leaf or the way light passes through the overlapping canopy, creates new shapes that catch her eye. She watches the soft gradients that fall between light and dark in the afternoon sun or the way the wind bends tree limbs. These subtle relationships of fine balance are what she is drawn to in her aesthetic. As Kim works in a stream of consciousness, she remembers the feeling of these shapes and images in the collection of her mind and intuitively reorganizes them into her work.


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