Kristy Hansen

Kristy Hansen is the artist/ designer behind Scandinavia Wolf Designs.
She has lived on Canada's West Coast for the majority of her life, which has had a immensely inspiring yet calming effect on her and the art she creates.


She is self described as a natural minimalist. She is broadly inspired by nature, architecture and design that combines natural elements, raw materials and textiles.


Art, design, creativity, passion and hard work have always been a part of her life and in her family jeans. She knew since she was young that being an artisan was her true calling but little did she know that it was the long journey ahead before she truly started feeling the confidence that is needed to persevere ahead no matter what and believe in yourself!


She's been very lucky to have had the most amazing people in her life who believed in her and her art and they are still all inspiration for her, in life and art. 


She has dabbled in many forms of design, from fashion to interior and through Scandinavia Wolf Designs she is able to combine all her favorite design aspects and craftsmanship into beautiful collections.

When you own a piece of Scandinavia Wolf a positive energy comes with it.

For more information please visit Kristy's website or contact her via e-mail.

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