Linda Wagner

Linda Wagner has been painting professionally for over thirty years and her work has greatly evolved throughout her career. She originally focused on landscape painting but since moving to Squamish in 2002 her paintings have become more abstract and fanciful. Wagner prefers to paint in a series in order to push an idea through several pieces. She lets her instinct and intuition guide her; working on her paintings becomes an adventure and the finished piece a treasure she discovers in the process. Each painting contains vibrant colours and rich textures. In some areas the paint is thickly applied while other sections reveal under layers newly exposed. The focus on the materiality of the paint adds complexity and depth to the paintings, which are commanding yet pleasing. Wagner has lost any inhibitions regarding scale and colour and has produced an innovative body of work that illustrates her versatility as an artist.


Wagner’s work is exhibited in both public and private collections across Canada. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions in numerous galleries including the White Dog Gallery in Whistler, the Foyer gallery and the Portico galleries in Squamish, the Wilsden Gallery in Courtenay, the Humberston Edwards Gallery in West Vancouver, The Gallery in Victoria, the Rain Forest Gallery in Tofino , and the Gainsborough Gallery in Calgary.

She has travelled to Mexico, China, Italy, Greece and Israel on painting seminars plus numerous workshops in BC.

Wagner has been awarded A.F.C.A. status by the Federation of Canadian Artists and was the recipient of an award of Excellent from an FCA group exhibition

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