Lisa Elbertsen

Sunny Daze Design (Lisa Elbertsen) is a small studio located in Squamish, British Columbia.

Lisa Elbertsen moved to British Columbia in 1994 from Toronto, Ontario. She dabbled with clay on and off in the 90’s when she lived in North Vancouver but it wasn’t until she moved to Squamish in 2003 that her creativity really flourished. In 2005 set up a make shift studio in her garage equipped with a wheel, kiln and homemade glazes and she continues to take courses whenever the opportunity arises.

In 2007 Lisa taught herself how to crochet and have been a complete addict ever since. This allowed her to continue to create during the colder winter months when it was too cold to do pottery in the garage. She now creates and designs her own line of clothing, bags and accessories.

In 2010 Lisa had a studio built on her property which allowed her to create any time of year despite the weather.

Pottery and crochet are her passion and her hobbies along with cooking, baking, gardening, cycling and hiking and her love for dogs. When she is not at work you will find her outside in the garden, hiking through the forests or in the kitchen or studio creating a masterpiece.

Lisa pottery consists of hand-built functional ware using clay slabs. Unlike the traditional pottery on the wheel, Lisa is drawn to this style of pottery and she focuses on texture utilizing many found objects during her hikes. You will find ferns impressed in her clay pieces along with many other leaves, branches or repurposed materials. All of her pottery is functional and food safe. She wants people to use her pottery instead of sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

Lisa’s pottery and crochet creations are unique and inspired by the beauty of the surrounding forests, mountains and ocean where she lives. Her colour choices also reflect that of her environment consisting of warm earthy browns, greens and blues.

She sells her work at art shows, craft fairs, farmer’s markets, online and directly from her studio.

For more information please visit her Facebook page or contact her via e-mail.

To visit her studio please call or text her at 604-892-1239.

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