Lynda Maximenko

Over forty years ago Lynda was a production weaver and spinner living rurally in the Upper Squamish Valley.  For ten years she wove a multitude of clothing, blankets, pillows, wall hangings and many other creations, which she sold to specialty stores and and participated  in  the newly emerging craft faire market scene.

Lynda took a couple of decade’s hiatus and pursued other endeavours that she pursued with enthusiasm.   She always planned on returning to weaving on her ‘retirement’ and as she re-entred into this creative world again, she discovered a new universe had emerged!


Her unearthing of new techniques began when she attended a spinning retreat in a
 monastery, where she met spinners who were doing things that did not exist decades ago. She now attends every year and spins morning, noon and night with inspirational spinners from all over the province.
She spins her  yarns for her  weavings on a special spinning wheel that allows for all sorts of textured art  yarns.


Her yarns are created from sheep fleece, silk, merino  wool, bamboo, angora and a selection of colourful synthetics.  The art of needle felting is also added to some  of her weavings. Most recently she has embraced adding carefully collected colourful textured beads to many of her pieces.


For more information please check Lynda's website on contact her via e-mail.

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