Madisen Hilligoss

Madisen Hilligoss is a student and multidisciplinary artist from Washington. She has always had a love for science- as a kid she would research the exact sizes of dinosaurs and create life-size drawings of them in the street. During her adolescence, she learned to find comfort in the nature. She believes that nature has the profound ability to be our teacher and a source of empowerment. In a time when exploring our connection to nature is vital, she seeks to understand that relationship through art.

Hilligoss has worked in watercolours, acrylics, metal embossing, and wood burning. In 2016, she began to explore more seriously the possibilities of creating art from natural materials. This began her journey of learning how to connect her art to the environment in process, medium, and final product. Through classes, her own exploration, and research, she is learning how to use natural pigments to create her own paints. She finds inspiration in practicing an art that used to be part of humanity’s collective consciousness: using the environment around us as a medium.

She currently resides in Squamish, British Columbia and attends Quest University Canada, a unique university that allows her to combine her loves of art, ecology, and geology into a interdisciplinary degree.


For more information please check Madisen's Facebook or contact her via e-mail.

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