Maree Rattray

Maree was born and raised in beautiful Perth, West Australia.  


Although she can currently be found living the small mountain life in Squamish BC with her fiancée Liam. This is her fourth year living in Canada and she loves it here. Nature is her happy place. The ocean, mountains, forest rivers and lakes. Even more so at sunrise and sunset. Capturing these beautiful landscapes adds another element for her of experiencing and sharing these moments. 

Maree is a local photographer who turns her beautiful pictures into tapestries.



Her absolute favourite thing to photograph apart from landscapes are dogs and their owners. She misses her dog Kyza terribly, he's 13 this year and back home in Perth. We are their whole lives and yet they only share such a small part of ours, it is so important to capture and document our times together. 


When she is not working for herself, or dog walking (her second-best-job-ever!) she loves to be outside hiking, camping, swimming in lakes or at the beach. 

For more information please visit Maree's website, Facebook, Instagram or contact her via e-mail.


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