Marion Lindsay

Marion immigrated to Beautiful BC, Canada from Australia with her family at the age of 15.

Marion Lindsay is a painter who likes to work in acrylics on canvas, she paints in bright colours, incorporating texture and found objects into her work. She doesn’t believe in mistakes in art, for some of her so called mistakes have turned into her best pieces.

She painted sporadically through the years, but only began pursuing her creative interests more seriously since 2011.

She works indoors in her studio. There are always new surprises and discoveries in every piece. Her ideas for her paintings come from her imagination, allowing creative energy to lead the way. She likes to let loose with some good music playing as she works, allowing what appears on the canvas to just happen. There is no pre-planned idea or photograph to follow – it’s just her heart and soul directing.


For more information please visit Marion's websiteFacebook, Instagram or contact her via e-mail.


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