Penelope Kalopisi Kennedy

As a little girl Penelope has always loved the feel of different fibers, the beautiful colours and textures. Penelope began her first weavings on Quadra island with a small stand up loom and a simple frame loom. She then moved to Grand Forks BC and continued to weave and was inspired by the Dukhabor women and their weavings. Penelope experimented with spinning fleece from the local sheep and natural dyes, gathering plants such as lupine, larch needles, etc. Penelope wove for the next year then everything was put aside while she started a family and built a stone and log house.

 After many years Penelope was inspired to start weaving again about 4 years ago Penelope got lots of good advice from weavers in the community of Squamish, Diane Brady, Freda Hoff and Linda Maximenko. Penelope loves working with colours and fibers, and is inspired by natural environments and other artists in the present and throughout history. Penelope is excited about learning and expanding and creating new art forms.

For more information please contact Penelope via e-mail.

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