Stan Matwychuk

An Artist for most of his life and a jack of industry trades finds Stan Matwychuk of Homebase Studios a well rounded hands on creative and community collaborator. With 15 years invested into the Howe Sound Corridor Stan finds lifestyle and work intertwined into seamless experience. Stan then moved to Squamish 6 years ago and hit the ground running. He has worked with corporate mega-brands like CTV and VANOC as well as finding time to teach art classes to the youth in the corridor through studio classes and high school programs. He has facilitated the Fields Community Mural Project in Downtown Squamish on Winnipeg and Cleveland Avenue. More recently, Stan has just finished the Water Wall on Centennial Way in Squamish this past summer for the Squamish Wind Festival.

He runs and operates the Artist-run centre Homebase Studios In Squamish BC. Here artists and the community reciprocate the need for each other and incubate creativity along the way. From elder to youth Stan has always allowed time to teach and inspire for the arts. Stan represented the studio at Live at Squamish as well as throwing Squamish’s first Culture Days Block Party, which was a pan-Canadian arts initiative. In Whistler Stan sat on the lots 1/9 Community Dialogue for the Celebration Plaza Plan before, during and after the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

He has also collaborated with Mike Tyler and the new Whistler Public Library to create the Donor Wall/ Book Drop Off. Furthermore, Stan also spearheaded the first legally commissioned mural in Whistler with local artist legend Chili Thom and aspiring youth artist Devin White on the Terry Rodgers Bridge. Stan has always brought community and collaboration to the heart of all of his projects and believes that creativity will allow for new ideas and momentum.



For more information please visit Stan's website, Facebook or contact him via e-mail.

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