Tatiana Shilova

Artisan jewelry maker Tatiana Shilova moved to the most beautiful place on the Earth - Canada few years ago. This place gives her the opportunity to do what she loves. Her first macramé work was inspired by travel to India where she found a beautiful labradorite bracelet. She realized since then, that such macramé work was rare in the Western world.  She thought that she could use her craft skills and make something unique for herself and other people. ‘’This process engulfs me totally and I feel so good about it, and even better when I see the amazement in people’s eyes. I hope that you can find something unique that can make you or someone close to you happy’’.

EarthCraft Handmade uses rare and natural high-quality stones collected from various labyrinthine bazaars and markets found throughout India, South Asia, North America and beyond. Each stone is encased in original macramé designs made from durable, waterproof cord. The stones give the inspiration for its unique pattern design and every knot is made one at a time by patient hands.

For more details, please check Tatiana's Etsy and Instagram.

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